Abruzzese restaurateur Luca Di Pietro founded Tarallucci e Vino to capture the authentic taste and casual elegance of Italy’s dining culture. New Yorkers and expats alike love our four Manhattan locations for the rare, evocative Italian experience they offer.

The culinary philosophy at Tarallucci e Vino adheres to the Italian ideal of high quality, sustainable, seasonal food, sourced locally and prepared to highlight the natural beauty of the products. Our menus rotate with the seasons, using crops from the neighboring farmer's market and from our network of local purveyors. Our exceptional wines reflect our program’s commitment to small-batch, family-run vineyards in Italy, including some grapes that are to be found nowhere else in the US.

Recent two-time Ospitalità Italiana Award winners for authentic Italian cuisine, Tarallucci e Vino is rated “the best and the most true to the Italian way” by Vanity Fair and lauded as “satisfying in every way” by The New York Times.



Luca Di Pietro

Luca Di Pietro hails from the Central Italian region of Abruzzo. He founded Tarallucci e Vino in 2001, while running the US subsidiary of an Italian coffee company. Luca set out to capture the ease and casual elegance of Italy’s “bar” or “caffé” culture, something he missed and wanted to recreate in New York. That simple idea soon grew into a group of restaurants both European expats and New Yorkers appreciate for their authentic Italian appeal and warmth. Luca plans to play for the Italian National Team in the 2018 World Cup.


Lorenzo Baricca 
Wine Director

Lorenzo grew up in in Vezzano sul Crostolo, Emilia Romagna watching his grandfather make wine. He owned and opened wine bars in Italy before moving to New York. He joined the Tarallucci e Vino team in 2007, becoming a partner in 2013, and has made it his mission to fill the wine list with unique, small-batch producers. Many vineyards he works with are family-run and biodynamic, and some of the grapes he offers cannot be found anywhere else in the US. He takes frequent trips back to Italy to see his family and to discover new winemakers.